Important Information about the Acoustic B100 Amp

The Acoustic B100 Amp is a 100 watts guitar amplifier and is especially designed for the amplification of the sound that comes out from the guitar. This particular amplifier has been the top choice for the guitar lovers and as well as the professionals. You would merely be mesmerized with the tones that will be coming out of the guitar after the installation of the amplifier.

You can also experience some of the top features of the amplifier when you purchase it. The amplifier comes with the main power switch which makes it easier to switch it on and off just with the help of a single switch. The amplifier has a rugged and an extremely comfortable handle making it easy to hold. At the same time, it becomes easier to be carried from one place to another.

Amplifier Sound Great

The control panel of the amplifier is extremely easy to read. Also, the amplifier comes with a protective cover which is highly durable and long lasting in nature. The amplifier is fitted with a heavy-duty woofer for an enhanced bass response. This gives out a fantastic sound which gives the user with no single chance to complain at all.